• 8.0" TFT screen
  • 5-tube mechanical flowmeter
  • High quality flow sensor, pressure sensor, pressure, regulating valve and proportional valve to ensure, accurate control
  • Vaporizer with automatic compensation for temperature, pressure and flow
  • Interlock for two positions to ensure anesthetic accuracy
  • Patented technology of proportional valve, simultaneous monitoring of inspiration and expiration
  • Safe valves for gas supply, driving gas and fresh gas
  • Multiple pressure and volume protection
  • Three levels of audio and visual alarms
  • Multi-pressure and multi-volume protection
  • Comprehensive and intelligent alarm system to ensure security
  • Compact design
  • Highly integrated absorber, autoclavable at 134℃ to 
  • avoid cross-infection (optional)
  • AGSS (Anesthesia Gas Scavenging System) ( optional)
  • CE marked
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